Blood Pressure & Oxygen Monitor

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1. Do not submerse in hot water.

2. The Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Monitor Function is only given as a health status reference, not for medical use.

1. Display Health Parameters
This smart bracelet can display the time, the date, the steps, the distance, the calories burned, and your heart rate.

2. Synchronize Sports Data
When paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, it syncs your data to the phone and give you a real-time evaluation of your exercise during the day.

3. Heart Rate Monitor
Wristband with a photoelectric heart rate monitor can automatically monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day.

4. Blood Oxygen And Blood Pressure Monitor
Accurately monitor your blood oxygen and blood pressure.

5. Calls Reminder
Designed to avoid missing important incoming calls. Once the mobile phone's bluetooth is connected,
the tracker will vibrate to show the incoming calls with phone number or name even in noisy environment.

6. SMS and Social Media Reminder
If there's a notification, the Smart Bracelet vibrates to remind you with the app icon, and you can click the icon to see the content.
All important incoming calls, SMS / Skype / Whatsapp will not be missed.

7. Sleep Tracker
Tracking and analyzing your sleep quality throughout the night, such as the time you fall asleep, the length of deep sleep, and flat sleep.
You can set the sleep switch manually on the bracelet or set the sleep start time on the APP. It can also report your monthly sleep quality.

8. Remote Camera
You can capture every exciting moment and take the pic with the smart bracelet via the remote control of your phone.

9. Alarm Clock
You can set alarm clocks to remember something important, such as taking medicine, getting up, and so on.

10. Control Your Music
Play music via the smart bracelet via remote control of your smartphone.

11. Time Out
Bluetooth Heart Rate Bracelet reminds users to take timely rest to avoid fatigue.

12. IP68 Waterproof
IP68 internationally waterproof . You can even wash it with water and wear it while swimming.

13. Anti-Lost/Find Phone
If you lose your phone use the wristband to call the phone and it will ring and vibrate. (If the ringer phone is on)

14. Wake-Up Gesture
The screen lights up when you turn your wrist.